VMSzC III. Béla Technikum és Kollégium

Szakmakínálat a 2022/23-as tanévre



 This is all Béla III !

In our school – within its capabilities – there has been high-level vocational training going on for 130 years. The teaching staff are committed to their jobs so that the students can start their careers well-qualified. It seems easy to justify all this effective work objectively – with figures, diagrams, statistical data – however, to be honest, we know that most students have a different standard for rating schools…   It is very important for the families that their kids have a good time at school. They do not only expect vocational training but also want their children to get an inspiration for a lifestyle they can take as a model. Also, they want the school to provide their kids emotional consolidation, mental support, real sport and cultural experiences in one of the most unsettled periods of their lives.

Therefore we are determined to introduce new methods and knowledge,  establish national and international relations which help our students’ personal development  and which help them complete a trade qualification.

According to a survey a person cannot only be successful in life thanks to their professional knowledge but first of all, thanks to their soft skills. Everybody possesses the potential, our job is to help them rise it.

Our Traditions

 As an old saying goes, common experiences go with people throughout their lives. A student spends, on average, 11-13 years at school. What happens to them there, also goes with them in their adult lives. Our surveys show that our students like going to school. There is hardly any higher praise than that for an institution.

Students at Béla can choose from the possibilities offered by the school in the fields of culture, science and sport.

For those interested in IT , the Béla III County Informatics Competition is a great opportunity to test their knowledge.

There are other competitions, as well, a team competition in mathematics called SZEMA and the competition of logical minds.

The King Cup football tournament and the Santa's Basketball Cup, which has been held for many years, provide a perfect opportunity for ball sports lovers. Every year, our school launches its own team in the Alpine Foothills Cup. Students’ Days are always fun and exciting as the students themselves come up with content ideas. There was already a 24-hour basketball tournament, a carnival parade that moved the entire city. Let’s not forget the Freshman Day either, where all new teachers and students are challenged.

Our school has always taken special care to ensure that culture does not appear as a curriculum built into certain subjects or compulsory school celebrations, but as a livable experience, a message of value and a community-building force in our students' lives. The Literary Stage awaits those wishing to sing, recite and perform with open arms. Participating in the shows and the stage plays written by the school teachers is a huge honor and of course great fun as well.

To nurture the traditions and active relationships with the former school students the Béla Ball with the help of the Parents Community is organized every year.

A forest school program “ Let's be a community!” was implemented in autumn 2019. The idea came from the fact that at the beginning of the school year new and old students and teachers get to know each other in a cooperation program series in a non-school environment.

The future: certified technician training

June 2021 marked the opening of a very new era in the life of the school: a cooperation agreement was signed between the Local Government of the City of Szentgotthárd and the University of Pannonia, which allows certified technician training in our school. This means that anyone who applies to our school for a full-time course in industrial IT technician training, when they graduate and obtain a diploma in technical engineering, will have a direct path to university and will be credited with a half year of study there. Thus, you can graduate in two and a half years after your high school studies. Our school provides professional training in the fields of Electronics, Mechanical Engineering, Informatics, Pedagogy and Tourism and Hospitality, in a total of 10 professions.